De-Risking Global Supply Chains

Our customers use the Altana Atlas to stop illicit trade, build supply chain resilience, surface risk across multi-tier supply chain networks, and accelerate lawful commerce across borders.


Better Supply Chains

Gain global visibility and a single, unified view of compliance and risk across your global supply chain.

Regulatory risk
  • Restricted parties and their extended supply chain and ownership networks
  • Know your suppliers’ suppliers and your customers’ customers
  • Money laundering and corruption
Operational risk and resilience
  • Vendor financial health and reliability
  • Supply chain concentration risk
  • Single points of failure across multi-tier networks
  • Alternative supplier qualification
Trade compliance
  • Customs non-compliance and delay risk
  • Export controls and military end use
  • Real-time trade policy monitoring and alerting
  • Automated HS code classification
Corporate social responsibility
  • Forced labor
  • Product safety
  • Conflict minerals


Better Borders

Target illicit shipments in real time, facilitate lawful trade, and illuminate transnational threats in global business networks.

Customs and Border Management

  • Real time customs targeting of fiscal, security, narcotics, intellectual property, and other threats
  • Global visibility, identification, and risk scores for foreign shippers
  • Denied party screening across extended trade relationships and ownership networks
  • Export controls enforcement
  • Automated HS code classification assistance and auditing
  • Revenue leakage auditing of historical customs entries
Law Enforcement, Defense, and Intelligence

  • Transnational criminal network analysis
  • Trade-based money laundering and terror-finance 
  • Trade and ownership networks of sanctioned entities
  • Export controls and military end use
  • Counterfeiting, diversion, and intellectual property theft
  • Forced labor in global supply chains
  • WMD proliferation


Case Studies